Road trip with a 1-year old = he!! on wheels

We’ve been wanting to visit my cousin since she moved to St. Louis back in the summer. Somehow planning this trip has eluded us for months, so we end up going this past weekend, only a few weeks before we’ll see her again at Christmas. To quote my husband (after we’ve been on the road for 1.5 hours), “Whose idea was this anyway? It couldn’t have waited until spring?” Good point, but we can’t turn back now.

So we go. The almost six hour trip there is fairly uneventful. One change of pants due to diaper overflow and we’ve made it! Except for whatever reason, Pumpkin tends to comes up with some minor illness/ailment prior to every trip. This time- goopy, gunk-filled eyes (i.e. conjunctivitis). Awesome. Sleeping in a new place, out of routine thanks to different time zone with funky, red eyes is not the best combo. Regardless, we had a good time and ate lots of good food. Unfortunately, the trip back home yesterday didn’t go quite as well.

It started out well enough. Pumpkin napped for the first half. From Evansville on was a different story. Rain + dark + fog = bad driving conditions for Clark. Throw in one pissed off kid and it feels like the trip that just won’t end. The only thing saving us was my Christmas present (iPad 2 that arrived Friday morning just before we were leaving!) and YouTube. After exhausting the various free apps I had found for Pumpkin’s entertainment, I turned to YouTube. We started with Finding Nemo (no dice), which led us to Hakuna Matata from the Lion King (worked for about 45 seconds) and then… jackpot! This video (repeated several times) did the trick. Just outside of Louisville, his eyes closed and we made it to our driveway in peace. The song is Walk and Talk by Big Al. Appropriate for a 1-year old? Probably not. Whatever works, right?


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