Go With Your Gut

What is it they say about a mother’s intuition? Or that maternal instinct? If that little voice inside that says “My child is not okay” when everyone else is saying otherwise, go with your gut. Last week I had a crisis of confidence… when I knew better than to be concerned at all! As a SAHM, I am it. I am THE person playing fetch to the little guy dropping Cheerios and sippy cups, the one scooping him up after he nails his head on the kitchen cabinet, the one who greets his gummy grin in the morning and kisses his weary head at night. This *should* make me the expert on Pumpkin, right? Yes. That is, unless the father and grandmother (my MIL — mother-in-law) of said child are in the medical field and admit that they can be “alarmists.” Translation: They freak out when anything is even remotely wrong with this kid.
Over the course of a few days and various minor symptoms, I came to learn that the people who should be my biggest supporters were questioning my parenting skills. Long story short, my husband (after being gone at work for 48 hours straight) ends up talking to our pediatric nurse who tells him our child is perfectly fine, and I have to sit down with my MIL and explain that I am indeed feeding her grandson, he is indeed eating and his weight is very much in the normal range. This is the part where I admit that I was more sad than angry that these two of all people thought I wasn’t doing my job – my ONLY job – right. It broke my heart a little. Thankfully I have a great husband who recognizes when he is part of the problem and communicates well.
Bottom line: Trust your instincts. You are a good mother. You know your child best, and sometimes you have to tell the people around you who love this child madly that he/she is OKAY.


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