Dante’s Inferno

The husband and I both thought it would be fun to take Pumpkin to see the Duke Energy holiday train display. It was moved to the Cincinnati Museum Center this year and due to his busy work schedule and my failure to plan ahead, we ended up going the Saturday afternoon a week prior to Christmas. I repeat: Christmas train exhibit, Saturday afternoon, week before Christmas. What part of this says “good idea”? Well, every other family in the tri-state area also thought it was a good idea to go then. (Yay!)
“Holiday Junction” is located in the depths below Union Terminal in the Natural History Museum. There is one way down (minus the elevator out of sight), via gradual slopes and broad bends and various detours through the ages and times of Cincinnati. The farther we descended, the more crowded it became. By the time we reached the bottom, I joked that we had entered the fifth circle of hell. There is always some truth in humor.
Lesson for next year: Go early. Early in the season. Early in the morning. Early in the week. You might run into a group of preschoolers, but it won’t be half the madness we encountered. Good luck and Merry Christmas!


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