Shoot Me Now

Today I intended to try several recipes from this marvelous site. I managed one. It took me all. Morning. Long. Things started out well enough. Oven preheated, ingredients gathered, directions read, I was ready to go all Betty Crocker on Pumpkin and his finicky eating habits, but you know it didn’t turn out puppy dogs and rainbows. I read ingredient measurements and became perplexed. Apparently, ounces vs. cups differs depending on what you’re measuring in the kitchen, a lesson I learned after the fact. FML. Long story short, my apple/pumpkin/flaxseed muffins had too much flour and pumpkin among other things, and yet… They’re edible. Thank God for that end result.
Oh, but it gets better. While I’m trying to mix up the amounts of mess I’ve deemed appropriate, it’s time for Pumpkin to eat, then head to nap. Okay, let’s see, what can you feed yourself while you watch me pull my hair out in the kitchen? Aha, those little Gerber raviolis. Convenient! I continue mixing, he eats one and then proceeds to scream. In my frustration at the multiple ill-fated processes, I scream right back at him. Yeah, I screamed at a 13-month old boy. WTF is wrong with me? But in my head, “Why won’t this kid eat and why are they making this recipe so friggin’ complicated?!” This is where I admit that I force-fed my son, put him down for a nap and let him cry while I made a sandwich. Ugh.
After all that, miracles. He napped well and upon waking, and I sat a warm muffin in front of him. Touchdown! Whole muffin being stuffed into his face and he didn’t stop after the first bite. It took some time between sips of milk and bites, but he ate the whole muffin! Cue heavenly angel choruses. We live to fight another day. And wouldn’t you know I finally find a website that documents the differences in cooking measurements hours later? Bookmarked, people.


3 thoughts on “Shoot Me Now

  1. If it makes you feel ANY better (probably won’t, but at least you will know that you are not alone) my Little Man ate 6 foods for the first 6 years of his life: raw vegetables (celery, carrots, green pepper and cucumber), pasta (plain- no butter, no sauce), cheese (string, American or colby jack only and heaven forbid it looked a little different than the ‘normal’ brand), yogurt (go-gurts, yoplait key lime pie or boston creme pie), bread (ANY variety, and this included crackers) and fruit (apples, bananas, clementines). And that was it. And he REFUSED to eat in a restaurant or at other people’s homes. We travelled with our own foods EVERYWHERE. I remember being on vacation and eating at a fast food restaurant and bringing his food in- and having people look at us like we had our 3 year old on a diet. BUT… he is now 9, and in the last year has branched out in so so many ways when it comes to food. He can now eat at ANY restaurant. ๐Ÿ™‚ He eats MOST of the meals I cook, and he has decided that grilled chicken is FAB-U-LOUS. So, from one momma to another. Hang in there. Be patient. Roll with it if you can. And there IS a light at the end of the tunnel!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Laughing, but oh wow. Lately he just isn’t impressed with much or is more concerned with what the dog is doing and can’t be bothered with eating. I choose my battles and at times let him down knowing we will just have to try again in a bit.

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