Well, Crap.

It’s only day three of NaBloPoMo and I’m having writer’s block? That can’t be right. I always have something snarky to say. That’s why one of my best friends gave me this mug years ago.


So I guess we can just reflect on things I learned today:

1. Check that you have all necessary (and current!) documents before waiting 15 minutes in line to pay your car taxes. Yup, I had an old proof of insurance, but hey, I figured it out before I got all the way up to the desk!
2. I’m surrounded by males in this house, and they all stink. Seriously. So gross.
3. Pumpkin loves chocolate milkshakes, to the point of trembling with excitement and hijacking a fourth of Clark’s large shake. Like father, like son.
4. Resolutions can be really tough to keep, especially when they involve getting up early. Failed. If not for a small boy, I would sleep till 10 most every day.

What did you learn today?


2 thoughts on “Well, Crap.

    • I’m not Betty enough to make candy, but I totally caved in the clearance section at Target. Hello? Candy Cane Kisses only come around once a year! Definitely not helping my waistline.

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