What Happens When You’re Making Other Plans

Life. That’s what happens. It’s also why I failed to post yesterday. With a little monster running rampant, making messes and causing chaos, when’s a girl supposed to write? When he’s sleeping of course. Well, all that time was taken yesterday. While Pumpkin napped, Clark insisted we nap as well. I’m not Type A enough to argue with that logic, or my husband’s boyish grin. So write after he goes to bed, you say. Well I would, but after a refreshing nap we had date night on tap. (YESSS!)
I dressed to the nines, we had good Cajun grub at a new (to us) place, listening to a jazz trio -three old white guys on piano, drums and bass- by candlelight. Then we did about the only thing one can on a wintry Thursday around here; we caught a movie. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. It was in-tense.

I’m officially intrigued and want to read the trilogy ASAP. Have you seen the movie(s) or read the books? What’d you think? Better yet, got any smart, creative date ideas for date night when there’s nothing going on around town and it’s freezing out?

P.S. My feet/thighs are killing me today, but da@& I looked hot in those boots!


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