The Joys of Being a Woman

There are two things any style-conscious woman must have several of in her closet. In order for these items to be of any use to her they have to be of good quality and fit well. Shoes? While a girl can never have too many pairs, that’s not it. Diamonds? True, they are a girl’s best friend, but some times a $6 necklace from Forever 21 does the trick too. No, no, I’m talking about bras and jeans.

Hellooooo dream closet, drooling and daydreaming courtesy of Pinterest.

When you find a good pair of blues or a “booby holster” (husband’s term) that makes you feel fantastic, you wear them until they’re disintegrating. Finding them is the painful part. Let’s address bras first: At department stores, I fail to find a happy medium between old lady/minimizers and tween doll sex figure push-ups. The Vicki’s semi-annual sale is on right now *woohoo!*, but I absolutely detest bra shopping. So I’ve bought more than a few to try in the privacy of my own bathroom only to return all but one. Ugh. I’m ending this conversation. NEXT!
Jeans… Not only do you have to find pairs that fit well, you need a variety of styles/washes for every occasion and shoe. And like a good bra, decent denim can cost a small fortune. I do have at least one good resource for this which I’ll share. If you live anywhere near the Cincinnati/northern Kentucky area and haven’t been to the GAP clearance center in Hebron, you need to make the trip to the Mecca of bargain shoppers.

Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy and more at steep discounts = looking like a million bucks at Goodwill prices. Okay, maybe a little more than that, but their jeans are $9.99! Yes, all brands are the same steal of a price. And they have shoes and bags too! Here’s the catch: all sales are final. So you sift through crowded racks, then try on and search for stains and holes. It takes time (not advised to have small people accompanying), but it’s so worth it. Good luck! I have a full DVR that requires my attention.


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