At the End of the Rainbow… There’s a Sales Pitch

Today I had an experience that threw me back to the parlor of a 1950’s housewife. Some friends gave our names as a referral after purchasing a Rainbow vacuum. They could receive additional products if other people agreed to see a product demonstration in their home. I almost thought I’d get out of it since Clark scheduled it and I had an appointment around the same time.
Alas, the salesman ran late due to traffic. If, like me, you’ve never heard of Rainbow vacuums, then check out Mr. Fake Tan waxing poetic about the latest model and all its fancy features here.

So our local Rainbow representative used this spiffy spaceship to clean some of our stale air and germ-infested carpet. The stuff that came out of just a small patch in our living room was… Disturbing. And along the baseboards? Ew. And on the couch pillows? Gag. Did I mention this guy liked to talk? I can relay half his life history if you’ve got 87 minutes to spare.
Okay, all this is really cool, but what’s it going to cost me? Two words- a lot. As in, I don’t understand how too many people decide to buy one right then and there. Clark and I needed to talk about it and look into it a bit more. What we found was cause for concern. Great product reviews and just as many terrible reviews of scamming salesmen have us wondering where the truth lies. For now, we’re going to pass.
Have you had any experience with Rainbow vacuums? Or do you have a vacuum you like better? Hmmm… Dead flesh particles and dust for thought.


4 thoughts on “At the End of the Rainbow… There’s a Sales Pitch

    • Thanks. I think so as well after looking more closely at his business card. Questionable. I can’t argue with the incredible cleaning ability of the Rainbow, but I think we’ll look into it more and maybe buy a used one online down the road or something.

    • I can’t argue with the cleaning ability I witnessed. I just didn’t feel quite right about the salesman, and I think now that my intuition was right. We’ll get one eventually… from another source. Glad to hear a positive experience.

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