Hair Today, Gone Today

I did it. I’ve put up with this do-nothing frizz blah excuse for hair long enough and overcame my fear that going short would be getting “mom hair.” As my husband pointed out, I’ve had short hair before I was a mom and my stylist said she wouldn’t give me mom hair. So I’m sporting a tres chic bob.
I keep mussing it up and running my fingers through it just because I’m still getting acquainted with it. What I didn’t think of was the cool draft hitting the back of my neck, but a good haircut gives a girl a new lease on life. Take that, winter wind. I’ve got enough scarves to run circles around you.


2 thoughts on “Hair Today, Gone Today

  1. I hope you enjoy the cut! I just re-cut mine and wrote about it last week. It is refreshing, easier, and still looks great! Hope you feel the same with yours.

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