What the Wednesday: Out of Order

Here’s a thought for a new series. This isn’t what I’d really like to call it, but I’m trying to present myself as a classy lady here, okay? Regardless, these posts are for those moments when I think, “Really? Seriously? Am I seeing this? Did that just happen?”
Today I had a series of events that when combined just made me laugh. Well, after the fact anyway. It was raining, not hard but enough to be gross and annoying. I realize after leaving the salon with my awesome new hair under hood that my car was running on E and that lovely little yellow light was on. No biggie. There’s a gas station just down on the right. I pull in, swipe the credit card, select good old regular and… Nothing. What? Hello, mister gas pump? I hit the button again. That’s when I notice the tiny little label taped across it. “OUT OF ORDER” Huh. It gets better. The plus is out too. The whole gas station only has premium gas! How does a gas station run out of 2/3 grades of gas?
Oh, but there’s more. I hit the next station down the road and pull up to a pump. Pop the tank door, get out, put hood up again, insert cred- wait. Paper blocking the credit card access. “CREDIT CARD IS DOWN. PULL TO ANOTHER PUMP.” Oh, okay. That’s slightly annoying, but hey, the guy in front of me is leaving. I pull up and… Same sign. I look around. This is a joke, right? No, every single pump at that station had the same paper bearing the anti-credit message. Seriously? Yup, that happened.
So how was your day?


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