Bears are such lushes.

Yesterday was another one of those days not conducive to posting. Started early, hours in the car with a small person and then nonstop eating, drinking and games until the wee hours of the morning. That? Is how we start a long weekend with friends we only get to see once or twice a year.

Yes, we have reached Bearadise. You read that right. Our cabin, housing 11 adults, one grade school-aged girl, one snuggly baby girl (4 months) and three monsters (boys) all around 13 months, is named Bearadise. These folks aren’t kidding either. Every nook, cranny, shelf, linen and textile is covered in bears. Stuffed ones, figurines, bear quilts, bear rugs, bear toilet paper holders, bear switchplates, bear coffee mugs, portraits of bears, bears in baskets, bears on wreaths, bear cookie jars, bear clocks, BEARS, BEARS EVERYWHERE! We actually placed bets regarding the bear count last night.

Anyway, this is a weekend of indulgence and enjoying time with friends. I couldn’t just bring those sausage balls, not after I found vodka gummy worms and bears on Pinterest. So here they are!


Seriously, it doesn’t get any easier. Take glass bowl, insert gummy stuff, add vodka, soak. These soaked about 3.5 days, and as they were looking thirsty I added a bit more vodka to each bowl after a few days. They turned out awesome, but you should know they pack a punch! Everyone likes them and on a side note half the sausage balls were gone last night. Okay, I’ve got to run. It’s party time and Pumpkin is trying to walk! Enjoy your long weekend if you get the holiday. Thanks MLK!


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