Detox and Talk Therapy

I was unaware of how much I needed this past weekend. We rented a cabin with friends in Gatlinburg, hung out, played games, laughed at the kids, ate too much, drank even more, talked till the wee hours of the morning, played tourist in “Redneck Vegas” as my husband dubbed the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area and relaxed in the hot tub.
I haven’t legitimately eaten since lunch at the Apple Barn (YUM!) and I can’t say I’m hungry. I have stuffed so much good stuff into my face for four days straight, and my waistline can’t take much more. Therefore, tomorrow I start detox. Lots and lots of water. Some more water. And a few more glasses of water. I will attempt to eat mostly whole foods, lean protein and cut the carb intake. Don’t laugh! Just because I love pasta and cheese doesn’t mean I’m doomed to fail at this.
Okay, fine, it won’t make it easy, but I’ve got to get back to reasonable eating/drinking habits.
The great benefit of the weekend, however, came last night when after dinner just us girls slipped into the hot tub with some wine. The husbands managed to watch the kids, bathe them, put them to bed and even take turns trying to soothe a very unhappy baby without disturbing us. Only later did we learn how rough that time was.
For us, it was 2.5 hours of therapy. We talked about the difficulties of having a kid and keeping a marriage strong, shared our body issues and woes and had a good laugh. I think we all walked away a little lighter, some burdens lifted from our heavy shoulders. It was just comforting to be honest and hear other women voice such feelings about motherhood and husbands, knowing you’re not alone and thinking, “So I’m not crazy and this is normal.”
In the end, I walked away appreciating my husband and all the blessings we’ve been afforded in our life together. Ya know that saying? Roughly- If everyone threw their problems into the middle of the floor, we’d all look at the others and snatch our own right back. Well, it’s truth. I might complain and act all dramatic about the drudgery of daily life at home with Pumpkin, but take one look at the bigger picture and I have to remember how fortunate I truly am.
Sometimes you have to zoom out and not just focus on the minute details in a picture. What do you do to refresh or change your perspective?


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