Priceless Commodity or Highway Robbery?

Holy sheet. I *might* have a part-time job in the very near future (EEEEE!) which means I *might* need part-time child care soon (EEK!). So the hunt begins. With the husband’s rotating schedule and the position being part-time, I would only need care for the monster two, maybe three days a week, or some weeks not at all.
Finding this proves to be difficult, and I haven’t even toured any daycare facilities… mainly because I know that they generally expect you to pay almost as much for flexible PT care as much as one would for full-time care. Meanwhile, I’m reaching out to local mom friends for possible trusted in-home SAHM-type options. Thankfully I have someone I can go to for the time being, but I want/need to find a more permanent solution if I land this gig (fingers crossed).
Obviously, I’m not going to leave my kid with just anyone, but it also doesn’t make any sense for me to go to work only to turn around and dole out most of my paycheck to drop the boy off somewhere for X hours a week. Ah, first world problems.


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