Vacuum: Maker of Household Drama

My children seem to have rather opposing views regarding this household cleaner. The human one squeals in delight, makes circles around it when not on, sits directly in its path when it IS on and moving or if not in front proceeds to be my shadow. This last move is often to his detriment (and sometimes mine) because if I stretch too far and step back BOOM! Smack kid in head, lose balance (okay, fine, so that’s pretty easy for me) and look like a cartoon wobbling, almost falling into a wall until I regain my stance. Seriously though, when we’re upstairs he knows to go into the laundry room and close the door to find the vacuum in its little nook back there. Did I mention he tries to pull it out of there? Yeah.

The furry child on the other hand… While I haven’t filmed him, it pretty much goes something like this:

Can you say, “Awwww freak out!”? Our spastic schnauzer turns into a blur of gray fur trying to chomp the plastic alien to bits before it can attack any other portion of our precious carpet.

While I’ve resigned myself to the fact that our dog will always flip the eff out at the sight of the vacuum, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the other one’s enthusiasm will translate into him loving to “help mommy clean.” Child labor laws, schmabor schmaws. You can’t start instilling a good work ethic too early, right? Now if I could just get him to pick up his toys… I mean, he is 14 months old and all. I had kind of thought he’d be doing his own laundry by now, or at least the dishes. Pffft.


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