What the Wednesday: The House That Ate Lightbulbs

What the Wednesday is something new I’m testing out for those times where you think -or say out loud- “What the f$&@? Did that just happen? Did I just see that?” Today I’m highlighting an ongoing issue in my life that just plain makes me crazy. As if I need any help catching that train.

We bought a very nice five-year old home in a lovely neighborhood during my pregnant summer in 2010. Going from a very old home which required remodeling, had a basement that liked to flood, faulty wiring and that kept some of our blood, sweat and tears in its gleaming hardwood floors to a perfectly painted, drama-free home was incredible, especially for this lady and the booming belly. This place is virtually new, only had two owners, the last of whom is anal retentive and has good taste in paint colors and all is swell.
But then…


A lightbulb goes out in the kitchen. No big d, right? Right. Until…


WTF? That’s our bathroom. And you know MY sink and mirror are on the right. Under the lack of light. Of course.

So this continues until Clark can say that we have replaced every light in the kitchen, our bathroom and the garage. Try going out to the beer fridge when even the garage door lights have died. Pitch. Black. Awesome.

Then it just keeps happening. We discuss buying stock in GE’s lighting division. I spew four letter words when I hit a switch in the morning and *pop* light out. Yesterday was more than I could take. Apparently our house was really hungry for some bulbs. One light was already out in our bathroom and closet. Then, as if to remind me to replace the first ones, another bulb went out in both of those spaces. For the closet, that means…


Lights out. Call me colorblind and pour me a drink if I show up for a playdate looking like a homeless rainbow lady.

At this point, I should tell you that none of the bulbs in our bathroom or closet match anymore. At least they’re lit. So while I can’t stress how nice this house is and how blessed we are, it is not our forever home and when mentioned in later years shall be known as “the house that ate lightbulbs.”


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