All the Good Toys Are Gone

After having family arrive last night and heading out to the RV/camper/boat/golf cart/anything-that-goes-outside-and-requires-more-space-than-our-driveway show in Louisville for a few hours this afternoon, I’m braindead. So I’m taking a cue from one of the NaBloPoMo prompts to wax poetic about one of my favorite childhood toys- Pipeworks!

Playskool Pipeworks - Best Toy Ever

They were PVC pipes with connectors that clicked with square panels and wheels to create everything under the sun (i.e. the 487 things displayed in the massive instruction manual). One Christmas morning I found a lemonade stand in my living room. After that, we had a wagon, a blanket fort, a jungle gym, a car/bike thing that you pushed by foot, wheelbarrow, slide, more blanket forts and jungle gyms and on and on. My BF/sister by choice practically lived in those things and took up all free space in the living room and my room. It. Was. Awesome.

I would have kept them for my kids regardless of the amount of storage space required but didn’t get the opportunity to do so. Now you can’t find such fab building toys because everything is a safety hazard. Everything! The Konstruk things mentioned on the Wikipedia page aren’t the same at all. Maybe I’ll just buy my own pipes and elbows to recreate the magic when Pumpkin is a little older.

Does anyone else out here on the interwebs (okay fine, all twelve of you that read these ramblings) know of or remember this stuff? What was your favorite toy? Is it still made today?


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