What the Wednesday: Bloody Murder

I didn’t post yesterday, therefore I failed to complete NaBloPoMo for January. Okay, fine, I missed a few other days along the way. I just couldn’t function. Seriously. Can you say migraine? Now I’m determined to start fresh and make it happen in February. Along with getting back to a budget, planning meals to at least some degree and executing the Fab Abs February I’ve seen all over Pinterest. HA!

Getting to the meat of today’s post, it’s What the Wednesday! And yet… it’s about Tuesday. Yesterday was not one of our (me and small person) finest days. For reasons I have yet to discern, my son screamed and cried 90 percent of his waking hours yesterday. I’m talking “ear-piercing, red-faced, horror movie, can’t hear myself think” screaming. And the tears. Oh, the tears. They were real, and it. was. awful.

The day started well enough. Breakfast- check. Storytime at the library- double check. Then on the way home, it started. He got louder and louder. Meh. Does it suck being stuck in a car with this? Sure, but did I figure he was just hungry since we were rapidly approaching lunch time? Yup. When we got home, I put him down to assemble some form of lunch. He literally did not move and screamed his little head off, shirt covered in tears. Given our eating issues lately, I just whipped up a smoothie, always a favorite. He drinks the smoothie and goes right back to crying. Really? I give up.

Nap time! It took a minute, but he went down. Woke up once, but went back down for a good time. Fast forward to my typical child who wakes up playing quietly in his crib, that is until I pick him up to change his diaper and head downstairs. He screamed twenty times louder than the morning terrors and barely stopped for a snack. I decided we should just go out. I had errands to run anyway, and we’d end up at Clark’s work for dinner because visiting dad at work (especially when he’s gone for 48 hours straight) makes everything better.

This is the bright spot in the day. Errands are successful, and when I arrive to see the hubs, dinner is ready and one of his coworkers who loooves our kid takes him (to feed him candy darn her because she always stuffs him full of sugar but okay whatever) and we get to sit down and eat. Awesome. Everybody is chatting, a million random and hilarious stories ensue and for close to two hours the kid and I both were laughing and smiling. Ahhh.

Oh look at the time! This boy needs to get home for a bath and a date with his bed. Mommy needs peace and quiet. The little man who has always delighted in taking baths and playing in the tub proceeded to scream (less emphatically than before but still) and cry through the whole bath. Terrible. Putting on diaper, lotion and PJ’s was just the death of us both. I began to question if he would actually sleep when I laid him down in his crib.

Somehow he calmed down for a few books and snuggle time; then I put him down and he squirmed a bit as usual and fell asleep. Thank goodness. So what happened? No fever, no pulling at ears or messing with a drooling mouth, no symptoms to indicate that the crying fits were the result of any particular pain or illness. This morning he wakes up just fine and dandy. WTF?!

Meanwhile, the migraine that engulfed me right after he went down for a nap yesterday has yet to leave me. Yeah. Only now one side of my nose is also dripping like a leaky faucet. Please tell me I’m not having a sinus infection. (If you actually got this far in reading, don’t answer that in the comments! Just shush it!) Oy. Here we go, February.


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