Movie Star Parking

“Men are like parking spots; all the good ones are taken.” It’s one of those quirky things you read on a coffee mug or a magnet or maybe a bookmark. If that’s the case, then I got movie star parking. Don’t mistake me for a braggart. I recognize when I am beyond blessed and my husband happens to fall into that category.

Sure, today’s NaBloPoMo writing prompt is supposed to be about your father. I’m not going there. Instead, I’ll expand on what a great father “Clark” is to our “Pumpkin.” I can’t help but add a photo to give you a glimpse of this special bond, but I intend to protect their identities out here on the interwebs. You can laugh at the nicknames, but I’m not spewing our address and middle names to all you peeps. I’m sure you’re all very nice, but I’ll keep hiding behind this veil until I get super famous (HA!). So here are the men in my life, sacked out on the couch a month after Pumpkin was born. Look at that fat, round little chin. And is he having a bad dream or just really focused on getting a good snooze?

Back to the point. I always knew Clark would be a good dad. From the way he treats his mother to how he interacts with his customers and unintended customers in our everyday life, he exudes calm, patience and respect. I wont’ lie; sometimes it makes me a little sick how good he is. And sensible. I’ll be hyperventilating over a “what if” and he’s just chillin’, looking at me like, “Pull back. Reign in the crazy. Address the issue when we get to it (if we actually even see it in this lifetime).” And darned if he isn’t right occasionally. SHHH! You didn’t read me saying that.

So I knew he would be great. Frankly, I had more confidence in his patience and parenting skills than my own. Reality? We both have our good and bad days. If we’re lucky, he’s home and we can balance each other out. At any rate, the night came when our little surprise arrived in dramatic fashion. After an emergency c-section, I felt so immobilized, weak, messed up. God bless that man because he changed every diaper during our hospital stay, got up with the boy, helped me get a shower and peel dressings off a scar that terrified me. (Ew.)

Since then, we’ve had our disagreements about a myriad of issues surrounding this small person that has thrown our lives into another dimension. But then what couple doesn’t find themselves bickering over something so small? At the end of the day, he is a great dad. As if the man wasn’t incredible before, watching him with our son makes me love and admire him that much more.

Every woman who wants to be or is a mother should be so lucky as to have a good man standing by her side while their children grow.


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