The Commercial Conspiracy

We watch too much TV. There. I said it. I admit it. We have a 14-month old boy and our TV is on a lot in the background on a daily basis. For him, that’s about the extent of it. I guess I’d call myself fortunate to have a kid that’s not glued to the tube. I’ve actually turned on Sprout, PBS or whatever small people appropriate programming is on for him to watch, and he’ll look at it for two seconds and continue tossing toys out of the tub and pushing cars across the kitchen floor.

Anyway, my husband and I find ourselves flipping back and forth between a few channels many nights. Tonight is like any other. Wedding Crashers and Shipping Wars. Yes, we watch all the Wars. Storage, shipping, parking, whale… Am I missing any? Side note: Why is every show that’s focused on a particular subset of society a “War” these days?

People flip between shows because of commercials. Wedding Crashers goes to commercial. Ok, cool, hit the “Last” button and watch the other thing for a minute. But. What?! No. Not again! Noooooo. This channel is on commercial break too! Every. single. time. We’ve long concluded that the networks conspire to strategically place commercial breaks within 30 seconds of each other… or something like that. It’s a CONSPIRACY, people! Let’s lock all the network execs in dark rooms and quiz them until they blab.

At least we have DVR to avoid some commercials. It’s just these nights when you’ve emptied the DVR and are randomly watching something you’ve seen before while writing (me) and researching gun safes online (Mr. Griswold) that are problematic. Pffft.

For your enjoyment: I found this commercial earlier today. This year’s Super Bowl will really only be good for the commercials. I’m sure Budweiser will have something for our viewing pleasure here, but from what I’ve read this gem will only be aired in Canada. So check it out. It’s not hilarious, or poignant or heart-wrenching, but it’s good. I like it.


One thought on “The Commercial Conspiracy

  1. we watch all the wars too! and love them! recently we have seen all seasons of breaking bad on AMC (really really good show) and The Walking Dead, also on AMC and new season starts Sunday. Currently we are plowing through Madmen, AMC again (dang they have good writers!) which takes place in the 60’s when I was growing up. People were way different back then!

    no Super Bowl party here this year. The Pack let us down. They only lost 2 games this season but one of them was THE GAME NOT TO LOSE. oh well.

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