It’s Storytime!

I may be fumbling my way through this SAHM stuff, but one activity that’s a sure winner (pat myself on the back) is storytime at our local library. Bonus: It’s free! Every Tuesday morning, I know my son and I will get social interaction, read, sing and observe other kids in a small, safe environment. This time is a stepping stone to build pre-reading skills and research has shown blah blah blah… Bottom line: Hopefully I’m fostering speech development and a love for reading.

Just when you think something you’re doing or showing your child isn’t really sinking in or sticking with them, they go and surprise you. Tonight I was reading a book about “brush, brush, brushing” your teeth and though it’s not washing I was reading it in a sing-songy voice much like an activity we do at storytime. They keep a box of empty shampoo and bubble bath bottles, and we pretend as we sing, “This is the way we wash the baby, wash the baby, etc.” We wash hands, ears, toes and lastly the belly (lots of tickling involved).

So I was saying, “brush, brush brush” and he started rubbing his hands together like he was washing them. Ha! Does it make complete sense? No. But is he getting an important concept? YES! Score one for mom. This time anyway…

What success have you had with your kids lately? During a lifetime of feeling like you fail at parenting constantly, what activities have proven successful for you?


2 thoughts on “It’s Storytime!

  1. We had a similar success in our Music Together class today. My son has been in this class a while now but prefers to sit and watch everyone else, rather than participate much. While other kids dance around, he just stands still. I have been determined to just relax and accept this is his personality, but when he got up to dance tonight for the first time i swelled with motherly pride.

    We also LOVE library storytime! Where we live they do three different days. One for all-ages, one for preschoolers, and one for babies. We do the babytime one, and he loves it!

    • My son is often an observer as well. Our library has multiple times/locations throughout the county for every age group imaginable. I found quickly that the “baby time” was just too quiet and boring for my monster to sit still. Instead we’ve often gone to a “babies and tots” (0 to 3 years I think?) which has more action. A song, a book, another song, shaky eggs, bubbles, even with repetition of some songs it keeps his attention and limits whining.

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