What the Wednesday: Cups in Bowls

Let me preface this edition of What the Wednesday by saying I know that my son is only 14 months old, and that he’s learning a lot of things these days. I’m well aware that I can’t expect everything to go perfectly the first time or for him to just magically have good dining etiquette or decent eating habits for that matter.

That being said, what is with the kid repeatedly and with full intent smashing his sippy cup down in his bowl or plate of food? Why do the bottoms of our bright, colorful Playtex cups often have an orange tint to them? Or blue? Or have crumbs in the crevices? Oh that’s right. Because our cup totally belongs in that bowl of Spaghetti-O’s. And forget using his cutesy little Melissa & Doug wooden hammer/peg set. No, let’s use the cup to SMASH a blueberry or two.

He was doing it again with oatmeal this morning. In case you’ve missed out or been living under a rock in the cereal aisle, oatmeal is rather sticky, gooey and consists of mushy chunks that can adhere to most anything. it’s not enough that he gets it on his hands by wiping his face, smears it into his eyes, ears and all over the highchair; no, the cup (which coincidentally will get thrown on the floor) must also be covered. Let’s smear it around some more. And stick some down in the sides of the chair. Oh yeah, mommy likes it that way. How much gunk can I cram way back into these crevices for mommy to be grossed out by later?

Ah, the joys of paren- oh screw that. Kids are messy, and you take the bad with the good. Sometimes the bad is not all that bad, just really annoying.


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