Date Night Discussions

Posting was not about to happen yesterday. Life gets in the way sometimes. Part of the cause was date night. (Woohoo!) Nana (MIL) came to keep the kiddo and we headed out for dinner with friends we haven’t seen in ages. On the way to dinner, this happens.

Husband: So, random question, but if I needed to pull out cash tomorrow, how much do we have in a checking account I can access?
Me: Wha huh? Ermmm I don’t know right this second, just payed mass amounts of bills. Why?
Husband: Well I just, I was thinking we should at least have five grand available that we can get our hands on easily. Ya know, say if you were to get a DUI and I needed to get bail money for you.
Me: I hadn’t planned on getting a DUI, but okay. We don’t keep much in any of our checking accounts, but I have $X,XXX in my savings account.
Husband: Well no ones plans to, but ya know. And it’s not just that. I mean, there are plenty of situations where we might need cash fast. And what if I would need to be able to get to it without you? They’re not gonna let me pull it from your savings account.
Me: Valid point. Still, you won’t be able to pull enough for that from an ATM. You’d have to wait. And we don’t have a stash at the house anymore… We should probably change that.
Husband: Yeah, we should. And maybe we can open a joint savings account I could access for this?
Me: Ummm yeah… sure.
Husband: Or maybe we should just pull it all out and put it in the safe we need to buy anyway.
Me: Right, hide it from the government and the banks and the crazies. Man, it is really snowing out. How long is this supposed to last?

For the record, I didn’t get a DUI last night. What do you talk about on date night? If you say “the kids,” you’re doing something wrong.


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