This is Me Not Posting

I would just not post at all tonight if not for NaBloPoMo. Whose idea was this anyway? Ah crap. Right. Mine. Only the feeling of obligation and available time here on the couch in front of whatever’s on TV is compelling me to do this. Here’s why I wouldn’t post otherwise:

– I’m stuffed. Made spaghetti, had TWO pieces of garlic bread and I’m about to fall into a carb coma, but…
– I have a glass of merlot in front of me.
– And a half empty cheesy, little heart-shaped box of chocolates. (Two notes on this: My husband did not buy it for me but got it free at work – which explains the lack of quality – and I’m not a chocolate fan. But the Sour Brite Crawlers that he did buy me because they’re my favorite do not pair well with red wine.) I only ate part of two of them, because I hate those oddly flavored mush fillings. Meh.
– Valentine’s Day came early in my house. Just when I was getting annoyed that my husband was super late getting home from work this morning, he appeared… with a lovely rose arrangement, a sweet card and two bags of sweet/sour yumminess.
– My husband works tomorrow and has been working the past 48 hours. It’s called quality time and I’m getting it with him.

Given all that, I’m sure most have written far better or will read much greater posts today, and that’s okay. Have fun. I’m out.


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