Feeling the Love

Yesterday while my husband worked, the little monster and I had the mission of buying/creating a valentine for him. This is what came home from the store with us:


Some of his favorite candies and good old Fruit of the Looms. He needed some; it made sense. That was just the start, though. We also stopped at Hobby Lobby and used a 40% off coupon to get some Crayola washable paints. Forget the fat tubes of finger paint in only four colors; we got 10 colors in jars. I poured some out, let Pumpkin play for a minute and then got to work painting his palm to put his handprint inside the card. Be advised: the concept of “open your hand, fingers out wide!” is rather impossible for a 15-month old boy. Based on that, the print turns into a smear of pink/red paint that has occasional hints of fingers and palm. Whatever.

As much fun (i.e. mess) as that was, I found a foam stamp in my crafty crap that triggered a mental lightbulb (!) to go off. It was a bumblebee. So after Pumpkin’s artwork dried inside, here’s what happened to the front of the card.


And I didn’t steal that from Pinterest; it came from my own crazy head. Cheesy? Maybe. Cute? Totally! Okay, card from kid- check, sweet note from me- check, candy and undies thrown in a gift bag- check and check. All that because that sweet husband of mine brought the pretties you see below home to me after a 48-hour shift. And candy AND a card?! The best. He’s so good. Here’s hoping your Valentine’s Day was lovely like mine.



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