Catching Up/Major Trauma

I feel like I can’t not post because I’ve missed a few already, but tonight I was busy catching Pumpkin up on his progress in the journal I keep for him. Considering the last time I wrote was the end of November (!), I had a lot to say. I mean, c’mon. In that time he has dropped the love affair with food, gained an excitement for walking and started developing a silly, sweet little personality all his own. We’ve experienced HFM (hand, foot and mouth disease) – during Christmas no less, taken some trips and had two haircuts.

The second haircut just happened to take place this morning, and it. was. bad. It started okay, a few whimpers here and there, but I kept the raisins coming and he munched along and looked around at the other ladies. But then… she got the clippers out, started above one ear and the tears just rolled. I don’t know what happened, because he did fine through the whole process last time. It was traumatic to say the least.

At least his dad is happy. He’s been complaining for a month now that our son looks like some kind of Bieber/heathen/hippy. Oy.


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