Guilty Pleasure: DW & Psycho Horseface Model

Where do I begin tonight? I’m coming out of the trashy reality TV closet. Don’t tell anyone, but here goes… I watch the Bachelor. (EEEE, AAAAAGH, WTF?, NOOOO!) But wait, let me explain. Have you ever tried to watch this stuff? I have issues with reality TV like:

  • There’s entirely too much of it. What percentage of programming is some kind of reality contest/race/dating show/fight to the death/failed contestants returning to try again at racing/surviving/dating? Redonculous.
  • Let’s be honest. It’s not really REAL.
  • People somehow become “celebrities” from appearing on such things and make money just for looking like an idiot on TV?
  • Particular to the Bachelor/Bachelorette, I’m sure anyone can feel all lovey-dovey (read: lust) when they’re being flown all over the friggin’ world and taken out on “dates” that average Americans only dream of checking off their bucket list.

So you see why this is a problem for me. Here’s the thing. I don’t know why after catching a bit of the first episode this season, I didn’t just turn the channel. No, no, instead I happened to be blogging/skimming Twitter at the same time and found interesting tweets about the show. After a few episodes in conjunction with my Twitter feed set to search for “bachelor” I. was. hooked. This stuff is pure comedy, people!

We already know that so much of this is fake, a joke, and for many contestants just a way to get their name out there, promote their brand or get “found” in the Hollywood industry. Spoiler alert: If you didn’t know that and you really believe dude here is trying to find true love, you might want to have your head checked or just check the success rate for marriages from all seasons of this show. Yeah.

All that aside, I watch it with Twitter *that’s key!* because I’m pretty much guaranteed to be cracking up for a few hours on Monday nights. Of course there are the typical, “Dude’s hair is awful. It keeps getting worse” type tweets. True. It was quite wretched tonight. And to quote a tweet, “He looks like DW from Arthur!”

Yup. Then there are the, “Courtney is a crazy b#$%^!” tweets. Also true. The rest are a broad spectrum of hilarity. Like – watching with my Grandma. She says, “He needs a hair net!” to “That bi$%# stole those vows from Carrie Bradshaw and SATC!” Then there’s, “If I created a drinking game where you took a shot every time someone on the bachelor said ‘I’m here for the right reasons’…” and “If Ben says ‘vulnerable’ one more time I’m switching the channel.” It gets better and better, sometimes more vulgar, and bust-a-gut funny and better.

If you’ve never seen it or don’t intend to watch it, the following video pretty much sums it up.

And for all you impatient people like me, if you simply must know who he picks, you can read the spoiler here. Even with that knowledge, I still watch because, like I said – HILARIOUS.

Let me know what you think if you try the viewing/Twitter experience.


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