Movie Night: True Grit

We’ve had a Netflix envelope sitting on our entertainment center for weeks now. This happens more often than I’d care to admit. We find ourselves with movies that are two hours or more and being the lame old people we are most nights have to convince ourselves we will stay awake to watch it after the little person goes to bed. Our usual routine = hubs passed out on couch by 9:45, snoring by 10, me writing/playing on my iPad or something like that until I realize it’s absurdly late at which point I get up, let the dog out, turn out the lights and nudge the lumberjack until he is aware it’s time to head up to bed.

So this time True Grit (the new one) has been sitting for weeks. It’s 1 hours 50 minutes long. Almost two hours worth of awesome acting. Seriously. Everyone in it is spot on, with Jeff Bridges and Hailee Steinfeld giving fantastic performances. Sure the drama and action are great, but who knew a classic western could have so many great quips and one-liners too?

Bottom line: Regardless of your attitude towards westerns, you should take the time to watch film.


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