What the Wednesday: Parking Wars

This edition of What the Wednesday is brought to you by crappy drivers, or more accurately crappy parkers. Tonight we headed out to dinner with the MIL, early because the hubs had a work meeting to attend at 7. So we show up to O’Charley’s just before 6 p.m. We drive around the whole building; there’s not a spot to be found. Seriously? Wow, they must be busy. We’re probably going to have to wait for a table.

I drive around again to let the MIL take the kid in and not have to hike a mile from wherever we could hope to park the car. That would be the lot for the next restaurant over, but hey it’s on the side and there are a fair amount of spots open. We go in and find the MIL and kid already have a table. There are empty tables. WTF?! Did everyone drive separately? The place isn’t full, but the lot is and then some. Oh well.

Dinner’s over. Hubs has left already for his meeting, and the MIL grabs the bag and leftovers and I grab the kid to head out. Walking toward the car, I see a shiny blue little coupe is parked within inches of the driver side of my car. Seriously? I’m smack in the middle of my spot. This car is practically on top of mine. Now which side do you think the kid’s seat is on? Of course! With the help of some Vaseline and the car door as far open as it can go (without just slamming it into the dingbat parking job), I squeeze Pumpkin in to his seat and shimmy into my door. That S#%& irks the bejeez out of me. And I’m assuming they were going to that restaurant alone because there’s no way a passenger could have gotten out of that mess.

It’s crap like this awesome parking job that causes me to dislike people in general. I’m somewhat cynical and jaded as it is. This stuff just makes me snarl a little more.

/end rant


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