Downward Facing Cow

Husband is home this morning. Kid wakes up. I get him out of bed and bring him in to snuggle with dad for a minute while I get my eyes (contacts) in and look presentable. Today this included a super comfy – and stylish – sweatshirt I’m loving (got on clearance at Kohl’s). Aaaand action!

Hubs: What is this thing you have on?
Me: It’s a sweatshirt. I’ve worn it before. You’ve seen it.
H: What’s all this mess? (flaps up the draping layers of my yoga-style cowl-neck sweatshirt).
M: It’s a cowl-neck. You’ve seen me wear this bef-
M: No it’s a-
H: It looks like a backwards hoodie. Do you have this thing on right?
M: It’s a cowl-neck. C-O-W-L.
H: Oh like a cowl induction hood.
M: Mmm… okay. Kid, let’s go find you some breakfast.


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