A Good Day

You know you when you feel like you’re in a string of cranky, bad, but not so absolutely terrible days and you keep thinking, “What is up with this and when is it going to end?” That’s rather been the state of our house this week. Then… today happened.

When I woke up, I kept trying to think of what specific tasks I needed to get done or what errands we should run. Besides vacuuming? I came up with nothing. So we took it easy this morning. Well, until my two cups of coffee kicked in, and I decided the downstairs should be vacuumed again – after having done it on Tuesday. Call me crazy, but I like a freshly vacuumed carpet. Then came the steps. I had to put the gate up, and the scene was like a ASPCA commercial. My kid looked like a sad animal behind bars with his face smushed up against the baby gate the whole time I was moving up the stairwell. All I needed was for Sarah McLachlan to start crooning. Hilarious.

We moved on to the upstairs. Have I mentioned that my kid loves the vacuum? It’s an all love, no fear kind of obsession. He’ll stand in its path until I say, “Beep beep!” or virtually pull him out of the way by an arm. So that was all kinds of fun, and boom! We were running late for lunch, but no complaints from the preoccupied-rarely-concerned-with-food munchkin.

Lunch was leftovers of this baked ziti I tried out for the first time last night, but I omitted the whole garlic bread/fresh basil leaf/tomato combo on top and just stuck to the main mix. During dinner, Clark said it had too much sausage and not enough pasta. I thought the ratio was alright. Turns out when I dumped the mix into the casserole dish, it wasn’t exactly all distributed evenly. Today’s lunch for the Pumpkin and I looked like someone made cheesy ziti and a stray piece of sausage jumped in when no one was looking. Note to self: Make sure the dish isn’t lopsided next time I make it. And yes, there will be a next time because the husband, kid and MIL all gave it a thumbs up! Winning!

After a filling lunch, Pumpkin was worn out. This kid must be in a growth spurt because he slept 3.5 hours! Even when he got up, it was a dazed haze. After a snack on the go (I stand/sit somewhere and he takes a piece of [insert random food here], makes a lap around the house and gets another). At least he’s eating and actually excited about food (ham and blueberries this time). But wait – it gets better.

I bundled us all up with a bit of daylight left to take a quick stroll. And I mean quick. It was 47 degrees out, and a suddenly chilling wind could not be outdone by the sun’s warmth. It was a half-lake loop kinda day. We got back, and everyone was happy and energized. I set about finding something for us to eat. This is always interesting when the hubs is working. I eat an assortment of snacks/protein/whatever and feed the kid something more reasonable and balanced (also more malleable since someone still only has five teeth). Tonight I was hungry though, so I threw two potatoes cubed with butter and garlic powder/salt/pepper in the microwave while some frozen peas warmed up on the stove. Our track record lately with veggies is not the best, so I was only hoping but not really expecting it to go all that well.

And yet it DID. He loved it. I fed him a forkful, he took his spork, played with it for a second and then dove in. The picky eater was shoveling peas and potatoes into his mouth so fast I was giddy. I HAD to take a pic and send it to his father because it was so unreal.

That’s a serious face focused on getting every bit of that food into his mouth. He cleaned the plate, I had to get him seconds and voila! Happy kid. We finished up the night with him running naked up and down the hall while I died laughing trying to convince him it was bath time followed by a wet T-shirt contest I was unaware I’d been entered into thanks to one overly enthusiastic splasher. It was pretty much fantastic. I’d usually complain about getting soaked, but after a day like this… eh. It’s just water, right?


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