Impending Doom – or – Mom’s Joy

I fell off the blogging bandwagon. Again. Life happens. I won’t be present again over the weekend for sure because I’ll be in Nashville for a girls’ weekend (sans kiddos)! It’s a really good thing too, because my children, especially the human one, have been hellions for the past two weeks. Absolute monsters, I tell you. He has seemingly had no reason for the foul mood, the screaming and crying, hitting and even biting! I have felt defeated, beat down, exhausted, angry, resentful and just plain terrible as a mother.

Today? Oh today, he was almost an angel. The dog also behaved particularly well. This odd behavior can only lead me to think that they sense my eminent departure. I’ve been threatening to send them both to the Chinese restaurant quite a bit lately, but it seems that maybe, just maybe, all I had to do was threaten to leave them. Who knew? Of course I would never tell my son I’m leaving him to fend for himself, but having an occasional extended mommy timeout now and then is healthy for all of us. Or rather, it’s makes mom happy, and when mom is happy everybody’s happy.

What’s your favorite or ideal mommy timeout activity? How often do you take time out for yourself? (Don’t answer “not often enough” because that’s a universal truth.) I’m off to pack and paint my nails and eventually sleep.


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